Personal bests wrong after update

Somewhere between the end of my ZRL race last Tuesday night and logging in yesterday to ride, my personal best numbers were changed. I did not ride in between (just logged on to look at badges - never paired) and no one else rode on my account. All my stats are incorrect (and sadly way higher than I have ever been capable of). I had this one other time a few weeks ago when the system crashed in the midst of WTRL TTT (Buffalo bike night). That ride did not save properly and I noticed my numbers were wrong once I recovered the ride and saved BUT everything corrected itself by the time I rode again. Doesn’t look like that is going to be the case this time. So far, it does not look like anything is seriously impacted (I can still registered for D cat races and ZP seems unaffected). Just wondering if this will bite me later and if I should raise a ticket or let it be. All the numbers are wrong but of particular concern is that my 20 minute went from 181 to 204.

Your totals are slightly higher. Maybe you did a ride in your sleep in bezerker mode?

sounds similar to this?


Definitely didn’t sleep ride. The difference is 2.9 w/kg vs 2.5 w/kg so significant for me esp since the 2.5 was an all out effort before I lost some fitness due to illness and that I have not been able to reproduce even racing since.

Yeah sounds like it. I am hearing others experienced similar things too.

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yep seems same problem here,showing numbers i could only dream of

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