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Golden Cheetah has now crashed twice on me while attempting to convert activities to routes. Each time, it has lost some–but not all–of the routes I’ve created, despite saving often the second time. I give up.

I find it odd that if I sync my activity from Strava to Golden Cheetah, it does not have the Strava Segments listed.
If I import the .FIT file from my ROAM, it has the Strava Segments listed.

@Dan_Kothlow: are you a premium Strava member? (I’m wondering why your bike computer, which otherwise knows nothing of the virtual Zwift world, would contain Zwift segments.) And does your Roam also have the GPS track and elevation profile from the virtual Zwift world rather than the GPS “track” and “elevation” of your home trainer?

I am a Strava “subscriber”, as they call it.
The activities I was referring to were IRL Segments.
Not Zwift Segments. I apologize for not making that clear.
I just thought I’d tag on the Golden Cheetah theme.

I’m interested in all the alternatives discussed in this thread. And I’ve been recommending improvement of Zwift’s handling of segments for years.

  1. Zwift should compare our current performance to our all time Zwift record, and they should stop limiting that to only the last 30 days.

  2. Furthermore, they should make those “live segments” as Strava plus Garmin/Wahoo do, so that you could get live feedback while riding the segment, i.e., whether you’re ahead or behind your PR pace throughout the segment. A relatively primitive, six-year-old bike computer can do that, why can’t that happen on a PC or a modern phone, tablet, or Apple TV?

  3. Ideally, we could even create our own segments in Zwift, or import from a curated list hosted somewhere like ZwiftInsider, so we had far more options for testing ourselves than the relatively few Zwift has baked into the game.

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However, Strava has not fully removed segment leaderboards for free users. Along with the top ten leaderboards already mentioned in this thread, you can still compare your performance on any segment on any ride with your own all-time best. GPLama has a useful video out on YouTube: