Permanent Teaser User

I think having a Permanent Teaser User would be a be an excellent addition to Zwift and lead to further promotion within family/friend groups and uptake in Zwift subscriptions. I have just started with Zwift and both my Teenage kids have shown an interest and I would like to promote this. I am not however prepared to purchase additional Zwift accounts for them this early, I would do this if they continue to show an interest and are consistent.

It would be beneficial if there was a permanent user associated with my account which had some kind of limitation like 2 x 5KM a day or something so my kids could use this without impacting my own account.

this could also be used to show friends and other family members Zwift and let them have a go


Not sure you are aware of this:


Hi Paul,

thank you for this reply i was not aware, this certainly helps my situation and will be filling in the consent form.

thanks again

It could take about 7 working days to get approved since there is an influx of request right now.