Permanent sensor drop in Companion app during workouts

My hardware:
Apple TV
iPhone + Zwift Compation
Saris/CycleOps Hammer smart trainer
Quarq DZero power meter
Polar H10 HRM

My pairing configuration:
Since I want to pair my PM, HRM and smart trainer’s controller on the Apple TV during workouts, I have to use the Zwift Companion as a bridge. This generally works fine other than my other HRM (Wahoo TICKR FIT) never being detected by the Zwift Companion app… other iPhone apps see it fine. The Apple TV sees it fine when pairing to it directly, but I digress. For now I am using the Quarq DZero for power+cadence, the Polar H10 for heart rate monitoring and the Saris/CycleOps Hammer for resistance control.

The issue:
Everything generally works fine other than ERG not initially working unless I unpair the Hammer and re-pair it after initiating the workout. Where things really go wrong is when I switch away from the workout HUD/tab to the map in order to kudos nearby riders. When I switch to the map HUD, all of my sensors immediately stop working. Switching back to the workout HUD doesn’t bring them back. The only way to re-pair everything is to go to the pairing screen, toggle back to the Apple TV direct pairing config, then toggle again to the Zwift Companion pairing option. Even after doing this, ERG control did not come back. The trainer’s resistance curve reverted to its unpaired default.

I’m not sure how long this bug has existed…I’ve only recently committed to doing structured workouts and for the majority of my Zwift activities, I just pair my PM and HRM directly to the Apple TV.