Pedalling effort is greater after workout

Once I finish a workout and decide to do a few extra miles the effort needed to pedal is much more that it was during that workout. Have I got a setting wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Justin_Bates

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If you finish the workout on a incline then it will feel harder because you are probably not in the right correct gear.

If you were doing a workout in ERG mode, the trainer is set to help you put out whatever power your target is. So (I assume?) the trainer essentially provides no base resistance (ie what it would be on 0% grade in free ride). It just adjusts to help you meet whatever your target power is at a given moment.

Once you are done with the workout, the ERG turns off and you go into simulation mode (normal free ride). Then, even if you are on a 0% grade, the trainer must increase resistance to match the terrain. I have this happen all the time with workouts- I think “yay, I did it!” and then the cooldown ends and BAM- more resistance. :joy: Even on the 0% of Fuego Flats.
So basically I think you’re doing great!

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Thanks for clearing that up Hans, makes sense now I know. It was a bit of a shock the first time it hapened. I’ll have to do some more free rides to test myself on those hills :crazy_face:

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