Pedaling while climbing is uneven

I am training with tacx vortex and Zwift for over a year now. So far everything was mostly ok. In the last month each time I try a climb which is more than 3 percents, I just can’t pedal. It feels like the motion is not smooth and whatever gear I chose it just doesn’t work. When I do workouts everything is fine, but I miss just climbing the epic KOMs.

Hello Alex,

If you are in ERG mode, it gets easier uphill and harder downhill.

If you are in sim mode with the default 50% gradient, it will get easier going up hill.

I find that 85% gradient gives me the most realistic feel for riding my bike. Going higher can make it unnatural.

Downside is (are): you have to shift as in real life (which is actually good), you have to work harder to keep up with others sissies using the easy settings (which is also good and I was making a joke about the sissies!)

Make sure you are calibrated, of course.


Thanks Cary,

I will definitly try it out on my next ride!