Pedaling Drills workout frustration -- left crank arm power meter

(Jim Mattson) #1

I just finished the “Pedaling Drills” workout in the “Build Me Up” plan, and I have to say it is very frustrating for those of us who have a left crank arm power meter.

When I get to the “unclip your left pedal and use just your right leg” segments, my power reading understandably drops to zero. That’s fine, and it’s what I’d expect.

However, what I didn’t expect was that the workout clock stopped running when my power reading went to zero. Apparently, the people who designed this workout didn’t think of this either.

Zwift knows that I have a Stages left crank arm power meter. It should therefore know that my power reading is going to drop to zero when I unclip my left pedal. The workout clock should keep running in this case, even though it would normally stop when someone stops pedaling.

(I was a bit surprised that my cadence reading also went to zero, but I guess that the cadence is actually inferred from the cyclic power changes, rather than by any direct measurement.)

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Jim,

Thanks for raising this issue. I don’t have any sort of short-term solution for you, but I’ll see if we can’t figure out some way to fix this for you and the other left-leg only folks out there. I have a couple ideas about how we might do it that range from fairly simple to a bit more complex. My apologies for the frustrations here.



Zwift Game Design

(Robert Huggins) #3

Hi Jordan,


I have a similar problem - I use P1 pedals, and Zwift will only connect to either the R pedal or the L pedal, so I’ll get the above issue.

Also, my power balance is 56/44 in favour of the R leg, so if I use the R pedal to connect my power level is higher than reality, and if I use my L pedal it’s lower than reality. Is there a way to work with Powertap so you can have the power from both and then combined?