Pedaling and barely moving

My son(11 yo) seems to be struggling to get his avatar moving in game. He calibrates before each ride, but no matter what he does, he goes less than 10 mph.
I thought maybe he was in erg mode, but he’s not because this happens on meetups and just random rides, not workouts.
He doesn’t use a power meter, so watts are from the kickr snap he’s using.
Any thoughts on how to get him moving? Please don’t say pedal faster… we’ve gone through the gears… he’s getting frustrated and not enjoying riding.

Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure if it affects kickr snap when you pair it as controllable but often people need to put an FTP in that is more realistic (often it is set to 0).

What’s the FTP set to at the moment?

Good question! I didn’t think about that. I don’t think we ever set an FTP. I’ll check his account and see what it has. I can’t imagine he has a high one regardless, but better than zero.

What sort of speed sensor are you using on the bike? And if it happens to be a speed/cadence sensor, is it possible it has been installed in reverse, so it’s thinking his cadence is how many revolutions the rear wheel is turning? Since cadence would always be less than wheel revolutions (until you get down to a 1-1 gear ratio, I suppose), this could make him slower. And do you have to tell Zwift your wheel size for this trainer?

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Just using a kickr snap. No cadence or speed sensor…