Pedal assist

How long is pedal assist intended to last?

I noticed today that if I join a Pace Partner, the initial assist lasts for 10 seconds. But if I’m still not pedalling after 10 seconds, it resets to 50 seconds.

Is that intended behaviour?

I remember reading a while back that this is the intended behavior. Convenient for folks who Zwift on rollers or don’t have their keyboard and mouse within reach of their trainer.

And no, you don’t accumulate drops or distance under pedal assist. I checked :joy:.

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You do (distance not drops) if you are lucky enough to catch a good downhill at the end of the pedal assist.

Added an extra 0.5miles to my lifetime Zwift distance just sitting on the sofa ! :+1::joy:


Has been for at least the past few months.


That’s me (at the moment). 10 seconds is usually just about enough time to click on the mousepad, waddle over to the bike, mount it, clip in and get pedalling. 20 seconds would be fine.

I have a bluetooth keyboard arriving tomorrow so the problem might disappear for me. I just need to find somewhere to mount the keyboard now :grinning:


It is actually 50 seconds.

I suppose, but why not just make it longer by default?

You get 10 seconds, and then 50 seconds more
Is that longer? Do people have more time?
Well, you get two chances don’t you? You get 10 seconds, and then if you need it, 50 seconds more
Why not just give people 60 seconds?
You get 10 seconds, and then 50 seconds more

It seems a bit Spinal Tap to me.

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Yeah. My point is that 20 seconds would be enough (for me). Still, with a full minute I could run a couple of warm-up laps of my gym.

That would be 11 seconds…

Intended behaviour for about 6 months or so.