Pedal Assist time reduced

Since the latest update, the timeframe on joining C Cadence seems to have been reduced to roughly a five second pedal assist which is nigh impossible to join when using a PC (short distance from my bike). Selecting Join, then clipping in, in that time the group is racing away. Hopefully this will be rectified since the latest update was meant to fix a similar PP bug.

I warm up on whatever course is available, exit, select course / pace partner and begin to pedal when the course is loading, then when I am in the group I just adjust pace, I have been clipped in and warmed up already, I use a PC with a USB mouse extension which sits on a shelf next to the bike.


Hi Anthony,
I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that Zwift is conceived such that users are already on the bike and ready to pedal (or already pedalling) when joining, especially for Pace Partners. It’s how I’ve always done it.
Do you have a way of using a wireless keyboard and mouse (or combination keyboard and trackpad), so that the pairing and route selection process are taken care of after you’ve clipped in? Many photos of people’s zwift set-ups show that this is common.


Hi Roule
Thank you. I think investing in a wireless keyboard is the only way around the issue. It’s weird as I’ve managed no probs previously :thinking:

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Hi Alan
Thank you. Yes, I do the same routine as well, a nice 15 min w/up so I’m ready for the effort. I just managed to get on the group tonight but the chase effort half cooked me. A wireless keyboard seems my best option (as suggested by Roule) :grinning:

I don’t ride with pace partners a ton, but one of my recent times I joined CC when she was in Titans Grove, the pedal assist was completely absent. I was dropped into the group while they were on a decent incline and the group just sped off without me. I had expected a few seconds of pedal assist and it was non existent.

I figured it was a one off glitch, the next time I rode with CC it was back to normal.


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Get a cheap presentation pointer - Does the job great…

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Hi Anthony. I have the same problem. You could close zwift and restart the app. I guess that"s the only way to get on the bike and join the pace partner without problems.

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Is it possible to add extra time between starting up a ride with pace partner and getting on my bike.
If I start a ride with a pace partner and the time I got on my bike, the pace partner is several 100 meter away.

I don’t know what system you use but if it is a pc then a wireless KB is the best way forward that will give you additional options.

Yes I use a pc with keyboard on a desk.
It will take me 1 minute to sit on my bike and start riding.

I started Zwifting on rollers (still do sometimes). Even with a wireless mouse within reach of where my rollers were set up, joining pace partners was borderline dangerous. I always used to ask for longer pedal assist when it asked me for feedback on riding with pace partners.

Yes exactly! It’s crazy that the 3 seconds cannot be adjusted. I cannot get from my laptop under the TV, run to the bike, get the bike on the rollers, clip in, and be doing 3.1 w/kg. Just make it 10 seconds. What’s the problem with that? I always have to chase like crazy for 60 seconds to get on the B ride all because the assumption that the computer is within reach. I guess I could get a wireless mouse but this should be a preference.

That is probably the best option. There are many things that you can do with a wireless Kb and mouse like chatting and changing bikes.

You can get a wireless kb with a track ball those are very good.

there is also software options that you can load to your smart phone to make it a virtual mouse.

for you 10seconds is enough but someone else need 20 seconds.

I would suggest another option. Have the avatar sit on the side of the road and only start the pedal assist once the avatar start moving.

With rollers the keyboard and mouse and chatting isn’t a good option

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I ride with a guy that stream and lead group rides on rollers. :sunglasses:

I use this app

it turns your phone into a touchpad and has a keyboard too. works ok for minor stuff.

That one single single guy on the internet makes it work doesn’t make it a good option.

I am not saying you need to type and ride rollers, but a kb right next to the bike can help a lot.

I would suggest you start a feature request to extend the pedal assist time or to only start the pedal assist time once the rider is moving, I will vote for the latter option.

good idea Please increase pedal assist time