PC or Apple TV 4k with Garmin Fenix 6X pro?


first of all I am new to Zwift.

I have ordered Elite Direto XR-T with Elite Sterzo smart.

When I go for a ride with my road bike I use Garmin Fenix 6X pro (with Garmin Connect) that records everything about my cycling progress and gives me inspiration to go on.

I would like my Garmin Fenix 6X pro to record indoor activities the same way it does outdoors but I don’t know how to do that.

I thought to buy Apple TV 4K and install the Zwift Companion on my Samsung phone. (cheaper solution but will it work with my sport watch?) or it would be better to buy a PC instead?

If I decide to buy a PC what would be the cheapest configuration that could run Zwift decently?


i can’t answer most of your questions, but would suggest that you don’t need your sport watch as Zwift will record everything you want to know about your performance (good, bad or ugly (in my case). I use the apple tv mostly for the convenience.

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“I would like my Garmin Fenix 6X pro to record indoor activities the same way it does outdoors but I don’t know how to do that.”

The Elite puts out Ant+ so connect the trainer in Sensors on the Fenix. Start the Indoor Ride under Workouts or whatever it is called. Save at the end and it will upload to Garmin Connect. With the trainer you should get Speed and Cadence but your map will show stationary.

Of course you could just connect Strava to Garmin Connect and your Zwift ride will show properly. Not sure about Strava alternatives.

Nobody else has a clue how to solve my problem or to answer on any of my questions?

Hello @ZELJKO_G welcome to Zwift forums.

In the same way that your watch sends outdoor activities to the Garmin Connect service - Zwift can sync your indoor rides to Garmin Connect as well. Here’s how to enable activity sync to Garmin Connect, Strava, and other third-party partners.

Once you’ve connected to Garmin in that way, this is how it works:

  1. You save your Zwift activity on your AppleTV.
  2. The Apple TV uploads your ride to Zwift’s server.
  3. Zwift’s server sends your data to Garmin’s server.
  • Your watch is not involved in the Zwift > Garmin data transmission.
  • Don’t install Garmin Connect on your AppleTV / PC / whatever device you use to run the Zwift app. That will get in the way of the data sync and cause other issues, like hijacking the trainer’s Bluetooth signals.
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I have a Garmin Fenix watch as well.

Buy the Apple TV 4K. Run Zwift on that. For your heart rate sensor, broadcast HR on your Fenix so that the Apple TV picks up on it.

Zwift can be configured to upload to Garmin Connect so your Zwift workouts show up in the Garmin world (and your watch).

Could not be easier.

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I have a Fenix 3 (. yes, time to upgrade I know). I do the Garmin Challenges too. I have paired. my watch to the Heart Rate Monitor, Tacx trainer and cadence sensor. When I do a workout on Zwift, I press Start on. the watch. and it records. what I want as if. I was outdoors. press Stop and Save at the. end as usual. I then get all the usual metrics I want on Garmin.
If you have Garmin and Zwift synced, then you end up with two activities on Garmin (the Zwift one and watch one).
I’m not sure if it’s different for.newer watches, but only my Fenix distance and meter information from the Fenix counts towards the challenges. However, Zwift km DO count in the overall distances ridden over the years. I therefore delete the Zwift activity from Garmin as it doesn’t provide me with all the metrics that I like to see via the Garmin watch.
Anyway, I have found it a bit fiddly and hope that it is easier with newer Garmin watches.

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Regarding PC or AppleTV, what do you want/need to do?
A lot of PCs will run Zwift but to get the best experience you need a dedicated GPU. AppleTV will only run medium graphics at 1080. The AppleTV 4K is misleading, you will not get that with Zwift.

AppleTV may be tge “easiest” but certainly not the best option. Especially if you want to do anything but Zwift.

I have a PC built for Zwift/streaming for sale if you are interested. It is fully ready to go except a wifi/Bluetooth dongle.