PC no longer connecting to Zwift Companion

Zwift running on my PC no longer can find Zwift companion. After rebooting and restarting apps a few times with my new IPhone I tried with an older Pixel and it didn’t work with that either.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Did you try to restart your internet router and modem

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Thanks, it’s working now. What problem does a modem and router reboot fix?

I am not a network guy so I don’t know the details.

But I know it resolves a lot of issues.

I had the same issue once. In order to synchronize with Zwift, the phone which runs companion app and device which runs Zwift should be on the same wi-fi network. If you accidentally connect device running Zwift and phone to networks with different names within your home, or your phone runs on over-the-air data instead of your home wi-fi, you will lose synchronization of companion app with Zwift.