PC frequently goes to Standby / subsequent pairing successful but data not recognized

(Chris W) #1

I am facing a twofold issue when riding:
Part1 ) My Laptop (Win 8.1, Zwift updated, MaxPower settings) keeps on going to standby during rides. The issue re-occurs, however without any re-producible pattern. I.e. the PC just switches itself off and goes to Standby in the middle of a Zwift session at some random point in time (sometimes already after 15 mins, sometimes a later). This behavior has occurred in workout as well as during normal riding in both “worlds” (Watopia and Richmond).

Part 2) Once above issue has occurred I can immediately power on my PC again and re-open (the still running) Zwift. Since ANT+ connections to my Tacx Neo and my heart rate strap drop on Standby, I remove my ANT+ dongle for 10-15seconds and reconnect. The paring menu shows the connection as been re-established and also displays live heart rate and power + cadence data. However, once leaving the pairing screen, Zwift does neither recognize HR nor trainer data. Back in the pairing screen, all data is being displayed correctly.

The only workaround is to stop my session and restart from scratch, hoping that issue 1 does not occur.

Does anyone face similar issues?