Pc crashing

Hi Guys, I m trying to figure out the problem since January, when I started to zwift.
I m using zwift for running and cycling and sometimes, randomly, my pc reboot without any alerts.
I m using Windows 10, x64, the problem is with every zwift version, since I started. My CPU is A10 5700, without gpu previously, since may with an Asus gtx 1650 4 gb.
I checked the ram, psu, ssd, but the problem is still here,sometimes randomly my pc restarted.
Seems fine after the game mode abilitation, works without problems for 15 days, but on Sunday two reboots, I checked and change the pc clock, because it still was in legal time, and worked fine since yesterday, after zwift racing league it rebooted after 1hr of ride.
I Don t know what the problem is, I tried every setup on my pc, it is connected with Lan, via power line, because I m in the basement and the router is in living room, but I experienced problem with WiFi too.
The trainer is a tacx neo 2t 2875, connected with Bluetooth directly with a Bluetooth adapter with the pc, I tried With ant+ but the signal had some Drops and I preferred to use Bluetooth.
If someone can help me, because I put into the garbage some trainings, time, 1200 mts already climb of mont ventoux and some other things, a lot of nervous and swear too. Thank u very much
O. T. I tried the same adapter with another pc, w10 too, but it doesn’t work, zwift said that it s not connect but int o periferical management it was connected

There’s something wrong with your PC if it is randomly rebooting like that. It might be overheating, or it could be the power supply. If the power supply can’t maintain the correct voltages all the time then the PC could see the power fail and then come back instantly, causing a reboot like that.

Overheating it s impossible in my opinion, it happens after 5 minutes sometimes.
Power supply it s high quality standard, bequiet, 500watts,not really recent but high quality…

How old is it? Quality power supplies will still start to fail eventually.

It s 7 years old… How can I check it?

At 7 years old and with those symptoms I think it’s highly likely that your power supply isn’t keeping the voltage stable enough. It’s either your power supply or a motherboard fault, and the first one is hugely more likely given the age of your system.

I don’t know, but there are probably specialists who can test your power supply. But given the costs of power supplies it will almost certainly not be worthwhile financially.

Unless you can borrow a suitable power supply from another PC to test in yours, I would suggest that you simply buy a replacement for your own PC. They don’t cost that much.