PC App Crashing

(Paul McCombes) #1

There seems to be increased instability with the PC app as this is the second time recently it has just frozen.

I can live with this despite the annoyance, but it would be a lot less annoying if it didn’t lose any progress you’d made towards the challenges, which it seems to be the case.

This was during a ride (and not at the end or saving or anything like that.


(Jason K) #2

We haven’t seen any new issues come up since the last update, so it’s likely this issue we’re still working to fix. I’d need your logs to confirm, so submit a ticket via bit.ly/zwiftsupport if you’d like us to look at the freeze.

Moving to Tips and Troubleshooting.

(Paul McCombes) #3

No - it is not that issue. My internet connection didn’t vanish because I was streaming the rugby at the time and that didn’t vanish.

What logs do you need?