Payment method

(Joseph Schiavo) #1

 can we use a visa gift card to make payment for a set amount of months.


(Paul Allen) #2

This might be a better option for you:

(Joseph Schiavo) #3

Paul since the Zwift card is in my name and I prepay for the 3 months membership can I renew again at a later date for another 3 months? 

Or my question is again can we make payment with a Visa gift card for 3 months and renew again when applicable?

I don’t like the idea of my Visa card being on record to be charged every month. I know you can go into membership to cancel, however, the card is still there and not crazy about it being on record.



(Paul Allen) #4

The only way you can pay for more than one month at a time is by using the gift card. After the 3 months is over you can get another card and keep your account running or you can let it go in-active until you are ready to use it again.

I think for you the gift card is the safest, best route to take. 

(Joseph Schiavo) #5

However, with a visa gift card from the bank I can activate it with $30 and pay for a 3 month period and than the card will go inactive due to lack of funds until I am ready again to join back to Zwift with a new visa gift card.  Same principle.

So are you telling me that a Visa Gift card can not be used with Zwift and the only alternative is to use the Zwift Gift Card.


(Paul Allen) #6

I was just trying to give you a more simple solution. I don’t know if using a Visa Gift card will work or not.

(Scott) #7

Joseph - you can absolutely use the Visa Gift Card to purchase 3 months of Zwift with the Zwift Gift Card. It’s the same as purchasing something on Amazon for $30. Visa Gift Cards can not be used to pay for the $10/mo recurring membership fee. Hope that clears things up.

(Joseph Schiavo) #8

Scott just to be clear and not to beat a dead horse as they say, I can purchase a Bank Visa Gift Card for $ 30 and than apply it towards a 3 month membership to Zwift by purchasing the Zwift Gift Card.


(Scott) #9

Yep - that is what we’re saying. Hope to see you out there!