Payment gateway not loading.

(Greg Dayley) #1

Able to log in and all that but when I try to setup payment it sticks on loading payment gateway. 


Tried from 2 different browsers and 2 separate internet connections. 

(Jan van Egmond) #2

Same here, tried it on 2 Apple computers and iOS devices, will try it tomorrow on a Windows computer …

(Shannon Field) #3


(PAPON Thierry) #4

+1 from France since 2 days

Tried from 2 different browsers

(Mike Veiga BWCC) #5

Im having the same problem

(David Adams BTX) #6

Same problem here with Firefox, Chrome and IE. When I paused my Kaspersky protection, I made it one step further. After that, the stupid thing _still_ won’t take my money!!

(Jonathan Woodman IM Jonkoping 70.3) #7

Same problem here.  Not on Chrome or IE on either PC. I am also running Kaspersky. 

(Jonathan Woodman IM Jonkoping 70.3) #8

I read another post that said Kaspersky was the problem. I turned it off briefly (not paused) and I was able to get to the payment portal. I would hope Zwift is working on a fix. 

(David Adams BTX) #9

I’m not 100% sure that Zwift is the culprit. Kaspersky has caused other browser problems such as opening links to a blank page on FireFox.

(Marty Karr) #10

I don’t have Kaspersky and still have this problem on my Mac.  I’ve tried three different browser and two different Mac’s with no luck of getting it to work.

(Kim Marshall) #11

I am having the same issue…the page is just hanging…I don’t have Kaspersky but do have a Mac…is there a solution or at least a possible timeline for this issue as yet?  Many thanks :wink:

(Pawel Rutkowski) #12

Yep, I disabled Kaspersky and was able to load the page.

(Liz NYCC) #13

I’ve been having this issue for a couple of weeks trying to join.  It is taking a long time to fix.

(Jeroen van den Dries) #14

Have the same problem…