Pave the jungle and add separate dirt/gravel routes

So that’s how my feedback is handled? Merge my suggestion/request to pave the jungle route in with a topic about someone riding unusually slow (which ended up being a bug) on gravel/dirt? I wasn’t insinuating that I went abnormally slow (I go the same speed as all the others stuck slogging through the jungle), I was suggesting that the slow pace on dirt/gravel is suffered by everyone and it destroys the great routes that go on the jungle route. Pretty ridiculous solution to have us switch to a mountain bike in the middle of a 60+ mile road route and we have to ride dirt/gravel to get to the Alpe. Gravel/dirt should have their own separate routes. Going slow on dirt in the name of realism while the game has dinosaurs doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Please vote up the current request. That way you can get more traction.