Pausing subscription doesn't take effect immediately

I hope zwift is able to allow user who has injury/downtime/issues to be able to pause the subscription and continue at suitable time.

Right now, if you are injured. your subscription still runs until the next month billing date. That kind of defy the purpose.

Are you referring to canceling a subscription, or actually using the ‘pause’ function? My understanding is that if you cancel, like someone who may not want to use Zwift over the summer, it will run until the next billing date and then stop. But that if you ‘pause’ it will take effect immediately for the number of weeks specified.

As an example now i am on my downtime after a surgery. The pause will only kick in end of July, so basically i am wasting my subscription by not able to zwift. Zwift should allow immediate pausing if they can verify the condition of its users… ie just upload a medical cert.
and limit to 1-2 pause per year.

i know they are revenue driven but as a sport athlete who bike 6 days a week, injury is not uncommon.

Nobody should have to upload a medical certificate, bloody opposite of heaven.