Pauses while going uphill

I don’t normally go slow up the hills, but I have been using Zwift with Trainer Road recently.  I noticed on the way up the hills that if I am doing any less than 10km/h there are sections on the upper part of the climb that seem to lose power for a brief second.  I am not sure if it’s related to the signal from my KICKR, but I have tried replicating it, and it seems to happen in the same 2 spots about half way up the upper part of the climb after the left hand 180 degree turn and before the right hand turn that goes to the KOM kite.  The pause is not long enough to trigger the stats page, but long enough to almost bring the bike to a halt when I am going slow.  Thank you.

I think you are describing what I’ve been seeing for a while, and likely affects all KICKRs.  

I tend to speed up briefly at the very end of a descent, and hit a bit of a wall at the very beginning of a climb.    In the big climb on Watopia that you mention, there are 3 such areas.

You may also notice it whenever there is enough of a dip, or grade change at any given location.

It hasn’t been that bad for me, but you can certainly feel it, especially if you are waiting for it.   I think I tend to over-push at the start of a climb to compensate.

This happens while I am on a steady grade in the middle of the upper climb.  It only happens for a split second where the power falls out completely.  You wouldn’t notice it if you were going fast.  It almost seems as though there is a gap you are having to cross, and then the power goes back to normal.  I know that Zwift looks at your power very frequently.  That is why I am not sure if it’s a quick signal drop, or some type of hole in the code. (Not a programmer, so that may sound dumb, not sure)  I only mention it because it seems to happen at roughly the same spot every time.

Just curious, how far away is your ANT+ dongle from your KICKR?

Within a foot on a USB extension.