Paused ride time is not excluded from the 'time goal'

I had to pause a workout that I was doing this week to attend to a family issue. I came back, several hours later, and the times on the screen, and graphs all showed they had stopped, so I hopped back on, and finished the workout. Now my ‘time goal’ says that I have ‘completed your goal’ with 10.5 hours of ‘riding time’, which means that the background ‘ride timer’ must have kept running even though all of the other timers were ‘paused’.

I mean, I look like a badass for ‘riding’ 10.5 hours, but I’d rather get recognition for actually riding those hours rather than around 5 of them being me ‘off bike’.

I can’t think of any other way to explain the HUGE time number. That number is so out of character for me. Most weeks I think I just barely make the goal, and this week, by Wednesday, CRUSHED it? Not likely…

Someone may want to look into that? See if it’s possible to fix it, or stop calling it a goal, and call it a chronology of time the app was open, which then really becomes rather meaningless…

But thanks for the ability to pause rides and workouts for hours. I was about a third of the way through, and hadn’t hit the heavy intervals, and didn’t want to start all over again. shrug

Ride on!!!