Paused game

Anyone help how to get out of game paused??

Hi may be worth re booting and installing the app’s again

I’ve tried that. I can’t find any buttons/icon to unpause it either

Many thanks

When you say paused, do you mean…

A - your avatar has unclipped and is standing over their bike. They won’t move even though you are physically pedalling?

B - You are in workout mode and you have paused the workout but want to continue.

C - Your screen has frozen. No avatars are moving and your avatar is still ‘clipped in’ but not moving.

When I say paused. It says the game is paused when I go into the menu screen. My avatar won’t move when I pedal. There is no options anywhere to start it?

Many thanks

Hi @Shirley_Feaks

That sound like your sensors are not paired correctly.


It’s all connected via Bluetooth on my phone.

Many thanks

I am only aware of being able to pause on the companion app. But, I don’t know all the ins and outs of the program.