Patch Failed

Update Failed during patching. Error Code Z114 at Line 497 in Patcher cpp.


same problem here, I have tried every possible solution on this end - disabling my firewall and antivirus programs, opening ports etc… nothing. nada.  frustrated.

Same error on startup

Windows 7 64 bit with all updates applied

NVIDIA GeForce GT640 with latest driver

… Just stays on “Preparing to Update”

If you using dropbox or onedirve or Box like cloud service.


Please change your sync path any other except my documents folder.


or disable cloud service then re-install zwift & launch.


the PC is completely clean, the only thing that has been installed is Tacx Trainer 4 software. This also accesses the USB ANT+ driver


I think other ant+ driver not makes not update

please contact zwift support ticket


and if you install MS onedrive. Please un- install.

Now KST(korea stadard time) is 1AM.

so i’m sleep now no more reply.


thanks. :slight_smile: