Patch Failed

(K heuristics) #1

Update Failed during patching. Error Code Z114 at Line 497 in Patcher cpp.


(Michelle Read) #2

same problem here, I have tried every possible solution on this end - disabling my firewall and antivirus programs, opening ports etc… nothing. nada.  frustrated.

(David Stephens) #3

Same error on startup

Windows 7 64 bit with all updates applied

NVIDIA GeForce GT640 with latest driver

… Just stays on “Preparing to Update”

(K heuristics) #4

If you using dropbox or onedirve or Box like cloud service.


Please change your sync path any other except my documents folder.


or disable cloud service then re-install zwift & launch.

(David Stephens) #5


the PC is completely clean, the only thing that has been installed is Tacx Trainer 4 software. This also accesses the USB ANT+ driver


(K heuristics) #6

I think other ant+ driver not makes not update

please contact zwift support ticket


and if you install MS onedrive. Please un- install.

(K heuristics) #7

Now KST(korea stadard time) is 1AM.

so i’m sleep now no more reply.


thanks. :slight_smile: