Password Manager Support (iOS/Mac)


Very nice progress lately with the volcano expansion!

This is a feature request to integrate with 1Password for both your iOS and your Mac applications. 1Password also lists compatible apps on their extension site so it’s good press for Zwift as well.

Link to GitHub with code to enable this integration:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Given that both of those platforms already cache passwords using either the browser or the iOS keychain, what is the big advantage of having 1password integration?

Noted Jon, but the keychain only caches passwords on both platforms for web-based authentication in Safari, not for apps. So if it’s been long enough since my last ride and “remember me” has expired, (shame on me, I know, but maybe I’ve been riding outside), and I want to start a ride on Mac OS, and also use Zwift MobileLink on my iPhone, Or even start a ride on Zwift for iOS, then I have to type my password in. As I used a Safari-suggested password which is not easy to remember, the process is:

  1. Open Keychain Access

  2. Search for “zwift”

  3. Open the entry for “

  4. Check “Show Password”

  5. Enter the password for my login keychain

  6. Copy the Zwift password

  7. Paste it into Zwift Launcher

I don’t mind these 7 steps, I really don’t but this next one is a royal pain.

  1. Type the password in by hand on Zwift MobileLink (No, I do not have a Mac that supports Handoff or shared clipboards).

This would be easier if I used an easy-to-remember password, I know. But wouldn’t using a password manager be easier on the user? As a developer, I found the GitHub instructions easy to follow, so I thought I’d suggest it.

Thanks for your time and consideration.