Passive vs Active Weight Doping

Why not just add it into the opening message mix? Along with the others, something like “Have you Updated your Zwift weight lately?”


Top shout. Those messages could definitely be used more creatively.

‘[month] game update coming soon.’ being one obvious example I can think of, a couple of days beforehand.


Maybe a “Random” selection from the top 10 in events that the “promoter” chooses? Better to keep a reminder going for a small sample that are doing well vs spamming the whole population?

Got my a**e kicked which is ok generally, but gets a bit hard to swallow when you see their weight. Poor soul, must be very ill to have such weight fluctuations

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2.5 years ago?

Was an example of a rider yesterday, no worries, they flip and flop over the years depending on what type of race, yesterday 30kg

Please use this link to report the rider: ZwiftPower Reporting

Closing this old thread.

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