Passive Race Participation with Boost

I’m a Cat D rider, but I would love to passively enter some of the bigger Cat A or B races as an invisible participant with a power multiplier. No one else would be able to see or draft the passive participants, and they would not be included in the race results.

The passive participants could choose the amount of their power multiplier, and both power values would be displayed. For instance, if I selected a 2.2X power boost for the race, then my power would be displayed as 150/330 instead of just the actual 150W I’m producing, but my avatar would move as if I were producing 330W.

This would allow users to get a workout while watching a semi-pro race. It could also help with the sandbagging that occurs in the lower category races. The Cat D races are often filled with people outputting significantly higher w/kg than the D category allows, which makes it difficult for the real D riders to stay with the group. By passively entering a Cat A race, the lower level riders could experience the race dynamics but at a pace they’re able to maintain.