Passed someone going the wrong way

I was biking Central Park in NYC when someone rode toward me on the right hand shoulder of my lane. Being virtual, it wasn’t a problem but I was curious as to whether it was a bug in the program or whether Avatars sometime go the wrong direction on a lane.

Hi Laurie,
I think NYC has a number of glitches.
On the upper levels going towards the KOM I’ve seen Zwifters cycling in mid air.
Not even over the glass road but well off to the right of the course.
I wonder what they see from their screen? Do they even know?
“Ride On”


My thinking is that it is users that have not updated their Game, but it is just speculation.

Doesn’t Zwift auto update? or is that just pc based?

Only on PC and I think Mac. But on ATV and phones you can turn off auto update, it seem like most ATV users choose to turn off Auto update. Also sometimes the ATV wont update if you don’t restart often.