Parlee challenge - mileage stopped accumulating

Hello, anyone else have their mileage stop accumulating toward the Parlee challenge this month?

The Parlee panel on my home screen (attached) shows I’m stuck on 79.4 miles ridden in April, but my completed activities for April show 131.66 miles ridden. Zwift stopped totaling the mileage a few rides ago for some reason.

Anyone else have this issue? Support, can you take a look?

I did not sign for the challenge, but was it not until April 16th?

The mission runs through April, but to be eligible for the raffle for a real life R27 you needed to complete the mileage by April 16th.

@F_Filippo what system are you running Zwift on? I noticed a lot of AppleTV users having issues with mileage being posted to the challenge even though they were enrolled. Personally, running on a PC I never ran into a problem with the mileage counting for the mission.

I am running zwift on iPad and companion app on iPhone.

Maybe there’s an Apple-related issue even though I’m not using Apple TV.