Paris is pretty much unrideable now on lower spec'd Android

Two crashes here since the last update (Windows potato), one in the start pens in Watopia and one in the world, route etc selection screen.

Confirmed on two separate systems and different displays; stutter was caused by the new launcher. Reinstalling the game with an old launcher resolved the problem immediately. Considering the actual game underneath is supposedly the same I don’t have any explanation for this, but I will post it in the bugs section.

And so yeah, my CPU is absolutely fine as is the i3-4170 the other system has in it.

Sorry again to the OP for going way off track with this.

No worries, I’d much rather be using windows than android so go ahead!


How did you install the old launcher? I could give it a go too.

Had a copy of version 1.0.44 (two versions back) on my laptop. Just to confirm I’m unsure it’s going to help with anything else, but it seems to resolve this issue I have. Previously I had the last version, it was only because I was forced into using the new one on my own rig that I noticed this difference.