pairing mess

dear all,

I’m training for my first tri race full IM,

my set up is :

tacx neo 2800, garmin 935 tri watch, edge 820 , vector 3s pedal .

software: , tacx app ( IM race downloaded ), zwitf, TP ( bought a workout based on HR , so it only  export .fit files )

I struggling to connect all the devices and collect my training data to send .

my goal is to : use TP program , collect HR with belt and watch ( using garmin connect I upload to my profilies ) , upload TP workout to zwift and control the resistence of my tacx. 

I know that some gadget will not be used ( 820 and pedals ? ).

do you have suggestions , do I’m missing some steps?


You will want to start by disconnecting the Garmin 820 and 935, since these are not compatible with Zwift and will potentially steal the signal from your trainer preventing it from connecting to Zwift. Furthermore, you will also want to make sure that your trainer is not connected to any other application outside of the Zwift pairing screen.

You will want to pair your trainer and Vector 3s pedals via BLE to the Zwift app on your iPhone or iPad.

You canconnect your Zwift account to third party fitness programs and Zwift will upload your ride results 

If you are still having issues please feel free to submit a ticket, requesting further assistance.

thank yo very much Kristopher,

but how can I import my Training peaks workout ( .fit  ) to Zwift?

how will I measure my HB and training succes if I disconnect my garmin devices?


thank you

To import a workout to Zwift from TrainingPeaks, you will need to export it as a .ZWO file rather than a .fit file. TrainingPeaks provides instructions on how to do so here.

Only power cycling, RPE, and distance based pace workouts can be exported as .ZWO; so a heart rate based workout will not be compatible.

After exporting the .ZWO from TrainingPeaks, you can import it to Zwift by following the steps in this article.


After looking through the Garmin Forerunner 935 manual, I found that it can be used as a heart rate monitor in Zwift. To do this you will need to enable heart rate broadcasting in the watch’s settings.

The Forerunner only broadcasts heart rate data over ANT+ protocol though, which is not compatible with iOS devices directly. However it is possible to connect an ANT+ device to iOS using a signal bridging device. You can find information about that in our ANT+ article.


As for tracking your training success; while bike computers like the Garmin 820 are not compatible, Zwift offers many of the same features that a bike computer would. 

All of your ride data will be displayed in real time on the in-game HUD, and will also be recorded and saved at the end of your ride in the form of a .fit file. You can even have the .fit files automatically uploaded to third-party sites, like TrainingPeaks.

Your FTP will also be automatically updated at the end of each of you rides.


I hope that I was able to point you in the right direction. And if you ever run (or ride) into any roadblocks getting while everything set up, please feel free to submit a support ticket; we’re always happy to help! :slight_smile:

Ride On!