Pairing macbook pro

(Jenny Bonner) #1

 Cant pair my Macbook pro with Zwift/Wahoo Blue/Classic trainer. On bluetooth but Zwift just keeps searching.


(David) #2

Hi Jenny - do you have Garmin Express running at the same time? If so the ANT+ USB port might be hogged by Garmin Express. If you turn it off then Zwift should be able to detect it and then pick up your sensors. Worked for me at least! :slight_smile:

Ride on!


(Jenny Bonner) #3

No. I thought I could set this up using Bluetooth. I don’t have the usb ant. 


(CHIRAG A.) #4

I think I have the same problem. The zwift faqs and instructions regarding bluetooth are incredibly confusing. My setup is a stages power meter and a mac book air… When I turn on bluetooth on the mac, it never finds the powermeter. I know the stages is putting out a BT signal because the stages android app pics it up just fine.

Yesterday I downloaded the latest android Zwift app. When I run that, plus the mac zwift app, plus the mac bluetooth, plus both android and mac connected to my wifi…I do miraculously get my power and cadence data to transmit into the zwift ride! But…it drops out every few minutes and then I have to pause the ride, get off the trainer, go to the desk, re-pair, etc etc.

Everything is within 3 feet, so it can’t be a range issue. I’d sure like some feedback from Zwift support on what exactly is causing the lost pairing!




(Adam Dean (DWR)) #5

I have the same problem as well. Let me know if anyone has a solution. 


(Stefan Bergfors) #6

You have to use the mobile app for connecting bluetooth sensors:

Bluetooth doesn’t need to be turned on on the Macbook. The signal goes, at least for now and if I have understood everything correctly, sensor - Zwift on phone - Internet - Zwift on computer.


(Adam Dean (DWR)) #7

I think we all have been using the mobile app. When the app is open on the phone, the computer is still not sensing it despite being on the same WiFi network. 


(Jenny Bonner) #8

You have to have Bluetooth on the Mac to sense trainer and cadence. I have tried it both ways. Any ideas


(Michael Henasey) #9


I recommend you purchase a Garmin ANT+ USB dongle. it’s a great ANT+ receiver/transmitter and it has a tiny footprint. a large portion of the Zwift community uses this reliably.


(Y ohans) #10

Follow the instructions Stefan posted above.


(Jenny Bonner) #11

Thank you. I think the best option now. Appreciate it


(Winston DDC6FIFTEEN) #12

Hi Jenny, did you get your MacBook Air to pair to your trainer? What worked?


(Michelle Lombardo) #13

I also purchased the garmin dongle and can’t figure out how to pair my kickr…anybody can help me greatly appreciated


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(Tree Top Flyer) #14

OK. I have read every article on this and am still stuck. I have a Macbook Pro 2015, with bluetooth. Zwift articles say I can pair via that BLE connection. I have a Wahoo cadence and speed sensor and neither will pair. I can find them on my iPhone Wahoo app to see if they are broadcasting. My HR sensor typically connects.  I do not have them paired to my Garmin 1000 nor my iPhone when I start up.  Sometimes it finds them after a long delay (15 min) other times it never finds them.