Pairing issues after fold 3 update

Never had issues with pairing but after galaxy fold 3 update i can no longer pair wahoo devices and hrm to apple tv
ZC game screen doesnt show anythjng
Ive resorted to using my mobile phone as i cant use apple tv

Hi @Andy_Austin

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Sorry to hear that the pairing is no longer working. One thing we’ve noticed in the past is when Android phones get a software update, sometimes the permission for the Zwift app to use Bluetooth can get reset. Go into the settings on your fold phone, head to the apps section. Find the Zwift app, and check that the Zwift app has permission to use Bluetooth.

If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Zwift app on your fold phone. If that still doesn’t work, reach out to our support team and we can continue troubleshooting this with you.

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I’ve uninstalled the app, and reinstalled the app on my phone .Galaxy fold 3 but still not working.

I use apple TV 4k for zwift ,since the fold 3 update zwift app on apple tv no longer gives me pairing options for HRM,CADENCE OR WAHOO KICKR.
Only pairing devices is power source or speed sensor.
I can only use my devices (wahoo and GARMIN HRM )if I use zwift app on my phone .

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Getting the same issue here apple tv and iphone compaion app, all worked before the previous update