Pairing Garmin heart rate monitor with Zwift

(Anne Rainville) #1

Is it possible to pair my Garmin heart rate monitor that came with Garmin Forerunner 310 to Zwift, or at least sync the data?

(Kacper Romanowski) #2


Garmin heart rate monitor uses ANT+ protocol, so all you need is ANT+ usb dongle that connects with your computer and you will be able to pair heart rate strap with Zwift.

(Anne Rainville) #3

Hi Kacper, Thanks for the advice. So I’ve plugged in the ANT+ usb dongle, strapped on the heart rate monitor, opened zwift and searched for heart rate, but nothing appears. Is there something else I should do?

(Anne Rainville) #4

And of course as soon as I sent that it started working.  Thank you!

(W oetherman) #5

Can the Garmin 920 XT heart rate monitor connect without an ant by just using my iPhone?



(David R) #6

What can i do to pair my garmin 920xt strap to zwift?

(Paul Allen) #7


What would be the point of pairing the 920xt to Zwift? It doesn’t have a built in HR monitor and you cannot use it as a bridge. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish wanting to do it.

(Leroy Kulczynski) #8

I’m guessing they want to use the actual strap not the watch. I am having same issue, cannot connect hrt strap from garmin to Zwift. I am using ant+. Any help appreciated.


(Paul Allen) #9


More info is needed to assist you.

(Mahmoud Qutub) #10

I’m struggling to connect my Garmin HR monitor with Zwift on the Apple TV. I’ve got the Wahoo Vortex trainer which is syncing just fine with Zwift except for HR. I understand from reading the above that I need an ANT+ dongle in order to sync? Is that correct?  If so, which ANT+ do you recommend and secondly where does it go if I’m connecting straight into Apple TV without a laptop or any other device? Thanks.

(Paul Allen) #11

Mahmoud Qutub,

An ANT+ dongle will not work in an ATV. You will either need to get a HRM that broadcast in Bluetooth (or duel band) like the Wahoo Tickr or you will need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ to your ATV.

(Mahmoud Qutub) #12

Thanks, Paul. That’s helpful.

Will this one work?