Pairing equipment

(Joel Bruno) #1

Just a very quick question…

Is it normal to have to pair my trainer and sensors every time I start a ride in Zwift?  If memory serves, with the exception of one time, I have to pair my equipment to Zwift every time I start a ride.


(DB Smith (65+)) #2

My setup finds the trainer (Snap) and HRM automatically but I have to search for my cadence sensor (Garmin) every time. 

I assume that’s your question; not “do I have to see the pairing screen every time” – I think the pairing screen appears before every ride, even if all sensors are already connected.

(Joel Bruno) #3

That is correct…I expect to see the pairing screen every time I login, but I have to hand-crank the peddles every time for the system to re-recognize my Cateye cadence/speed sensors.  As mentioned, I believe I logged in ONCE and didn’t have to do that.

(DB Smith (65+)) #4

I have to crank once or twice to get the cadence sensor to register, too.

Funnily enough, I think when I first started using Zwift (late November) it used to remember all of my sensors. But something changed in the past weeks…