Pairing devices issue

Hi there

I use my TACX smart trainer as the controllable unit on zwift. However i use a CABLE utility device to read ANT signal from my power cranks to get me a more accurate power and cadence reading. I have done this no problems now for 18 months.

This morning, when selecting the options for pairing devices, i go and select the cable device as my power and cadence source no problems, but when i then try to select the TACX power trainer as the controllable device it doesnt work. I search and nothing comes up.

Now, i know that the TACX is searchable because if i select the tacx as the power source then, i am able to select the TACX also as the controllable device and cadence source too. Some piuctures attached to show what i mean.

It is very strange as i updated Zwift this morning and its only happened since then. Is there a bug?

Ultimately, i want to run power source from my cable device (which picks up from my cranks) and the controllable device be from the TACX (so as to get the benefit of Zwift).

Please help !!!

Same thing here with my H3 and I usually have my 4iiii left side as power source driving it,…hopefully it will cure itself soon I just updated an hour ago not sure how widespread this is but it is at least 2 of us.
Also tried the old uninstall and reinstall app…no joy.


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