Paired devices screen missing options

(Rebecca Drinkwater) #1

I’ve been using Zwift with my TacX Neo and iPad for a while now and it’s been working fine. Came to use it this morning and when I get to the paired devices screen it’s only giving me options to pair with power source or speed sensor. Neither of which picks up my Neo
The options for pairing with heart rate, cadence and controllable trainer just aren’t there. I can’t get past this to actually be able to use Zwift. I have both an Ant+ sensor and Bluetooth plugged in. Both are working.
Tried turning the app on and off and the iPad but no change.
Any suggestions as just wasted my training session this morning trying to fix it!

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #2

Hello Rebecca,

I think things work best when you use a FE-C version of your power meter. I went through the same thing with my KickR. I think it was done for a reason by Zwift devs.

My advice: If it works, no worries.

(Rebecca Drinkwater) #3

I don’t think I explained myself well enough.
All the time I have been using Zwift the options to connect heart rate, cadence and controllable trainer have been there as well as the options for connecting power meter and speed cadence sensor.
This morning however they were missing so I was unable to connect my smart trainer to Zwift - and as I power meter I use is through the smart trainer nothing would connect

(John Wypiszinski ZHR (E)) #4

I have been having the same problem ever since the last Zwift update.  Rebooting my computer seems to eventually correct the problem, although it sometimes takes a few tries before everything syncs up.  

(Ian McKay) #5

Hi Rebecca,

im also getting weird results since upgrade and also cannot use Zwift, I’ve just raised a support ticket (see below)


I updated my iPad to version 1.0.23655 and now it doesn’t recognise my Garmin speed sensor via my 4iiii HRM. It seems to recognise it as a power source and will not let me change it to speed sensor.

My iPhone has version 1.0.22935 and this works totally fine with the 4iiii HRM and Garmin sensors. 

Please help, wasted too many hours this evening looking at this and missed a ride…

Cheers, ian

*end of message

hopefully we’ll get an answer, or downgrade option,

(Briony Hudson) #6

I have the same problem, is there a fix yet? 

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #7

Exact same issue with the sensors missing from the Paired Devices screen

(Edwin Thaves) #8

Nothing but problems with Bluetooth connections dropping when running Zwift on Apple TV with Wahoo Kickr. No issue before the recent update.

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #9

I have now moved over to using Zwift on Windows PC with ANT+ sensor and all working fine.  Using the IOS version on iPad is not hit and miss with sometimes it picking up the Bluetooth sensors and other times not which is frustrating.  As others have said was all fine before the latest updates.


I have the exact same problem, it doesn’t paired with my speed sensor but it paired with a power source which I don’t have.  I have been using the 4iiii HRM for pairing which work fine for the last 2 years.

(steve vanderzwaag) #11

Same problem. The pairing screen now only shows Power-meter and speed sensor.

Unplugging/re-plugging/rebooting/etc SOMETIMES works.


I’ve been using Zwift for a couple of years and this just started happening. 

Problem is the same on Apple TV and IOS.

(Rob King) #12

Same issue here!

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #13

I’ve given up with iOS app and now using Ant+ dongle on my PC and works every time.

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #14

Following the Zwift application update over last day or two my iPad and iPhone are now finding my Bluetooth devices once more - I am wondering if everyone else also working ok again now?

(Blair Hasforth) #15

Same problem. Anyone had a response?

(James Woodhead ZHR (B)) #16

I am having the same problem. any ideas on how to get this working?

(James Woodhead ZHR (B)) #17

Like this

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #18

This same issue started for me February 11th 2018 and so I moved off IOS (iPad) and starting using Zwift on Windows Laptop and with ANT+ dongle - it works great and in fact I am staying with this setup now.  However I tried with iPad again on March 8th 2018 and seems to be working now after the recent Zwift APP updates for IOS.  Suggest you try and update the APP to latest version if not already running it?

(James Woodhead ZHR (B)) #19

I have checked and all the apps and ipad software are up to date. Ill after use the laptop then.

(Steve Triner (CLS)) #20

How about updating the firmware on your smart trainer?

e.g. for a Wahoo Kickr you can do this through the Wahoo Utility app easily enough but each trainer is different.

The way the Zwift app seems to work since the early February update on IOS is it needs to find the trainer first and only will then look for the other Bluetooth devices like your HRM and Cadence sensors.