Pain Portals

(Chris Hayward (B)) #1

So your latest blog post had that thing called Pain Portals. Brilliant stuff - bring it in!!

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #2


(Jon Mayfield) #3

The code is still sort of in there… :slight_smile: Maybe we’ll bring the pain portals back when we can free up some time.

(Vincent Beggs) #4

+100. Bring on the Pain Portals. Love the idea and your implementation looks amazing.

(Clint Westhoff) #5

+1 - very good and unique idea. IMHO this should be moved up on the priority list.

With so many feature requests and ideas floating around in here, unorganized, you should use one of those online polling sites and email all the beta testers to rate in order of importance all the ideas. This would give you a better idea what the customer wants since forum posts tend to be the vocal minority.

(John Scott) #6

Add another +1. The pain portal thing looks awesome. It would be cool that once you guys get workout creation functionality incorporated that these pain portals would be able to pop up during your defined work intervals. I’m picturing entering a tunnel and seeing all kinds of weird stuff on the walls. Kind of like when Willy Wonka took everyone thought the tunnel on the boat. Hahahahaha

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #7

I’m a Zwift and TrainerRoad user… I’d like Zwift to integrate with TrainerRoad so that the intervals automatically trigger the pain portal graphics

(Peter Lin) #8

+1 pain portals