Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [October 2021]

Can’t wait to try it!

OK this is probably a bit nuanced, but I was following some riders to check it out on my phone (android). All seemed good. Flicked across to Facebook for a bit. When I went back to Zwift, I got this:


Isn’t that just normal rush-hour traffic in London? :rofl:


Just live-streamed a group ride in London. Looked pretty good to me: Pack Dynamics 3.0 Live in London - See them in Action


Looks very smooth!

Just did a pretty quick group ride with a few sprints(Kinetic Group Ride). Better quality version is still processing: Zwift Pack Dynamics 3.0 - YouTube. PD3 are looking great to me so far!

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Just did a grp ride.

No real difference to the test rides (smooth as, easy to get through the pack, no washing machine effect).

Since we were going a bit quicker with a few sprints, got a chance to validate a few areas I was really interested in: the ability to drop off the back and rejoin seems well sorted now. Not super easy but not a near impossible mission. Going from back of pack to front was, as above, straight forward and no stickiness. Sprinting from the back was as normal as my sprints get. We had a few heavy hitters in the ride so pace was fast so lots to draft.

Draft was good and noticeble in that it was easy than I thought to moderate speed to save a few watts.

I thought I had some graphics glitches at the start but my OBS recording was playing up so video wise, smooth as (still needed to run it in background per Dave’s recommendations).

Before I joined the ride, I was cruising around London and saw a workout rider on other side of riding coming toward me do a radical slalom as if they were in a dog obedience trial, and also saw someone at the start of that ride carrying the trainer on the back, but nothing else.

Reckon the racing is going to really good so need my legs to recover and find a race with enough riders to test out.


I set everything up to test this with the Rizer… “Steering has been disabled in this event…”

Less than optimal choice of group ride, I guess.



Saw you in it but didnt click it was you!



That would be me! Guess I just need to sprint 1 hundredth of a second faster :joy:



Backgrounding the Zwift app on Android to use another app, then coming back to fanview Zwift is the sequence to get this? We’ll try to repro this, but at this point, we’re not sure that it has anything to do with PD 3.0.

I’d be curious to see if you can repro this in another (non PD 3.0) world using the same steps?

There were 416 Zwifters in London this evening so I’ll wait for the DIRT Sprintapalooza in the morning to evaluate 3.0. I am truly looking forward to it…

I did the same ride as Dean and Oliver. I agree with Dean’s assessment on how it felt to ride. Real nice. Even did my fastest London sprint by a smidge, so speed seems similar as well if you get a nice draft the whole way from the group.


I have enabled steering on the ZZRC Sub 2.0. AJ


Is this only in races/group rides? Or does does also apply if you are free riding? And in a workout?

Should be enabled for whatever riding you do in London (unless in a TT or on a TT bike, of course).

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Just tried it again, in Richmond and in London. Could not repeat it. Possible something to do with my phone reducing memory usage of background apps. Probably wouldn’t worry about this too much for now.

  • fan view someone
  • switch to another app
  • switch back to Zwift
  • crazy circles
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I just did 2 rides in London. First I did a Free Ride and the lack of sticky draft was amazing, and it was cool to see riders get into and out of the draft zone in a clean line and avatars not passing through each other; however, twice I came up on people without steering that were in a workout and when I approached it did not move me into their draft zone. I tried staying right near their rear wheel a while and it wouldn’t move me over. I also went past them and they didn’t move into my draft zone either. One time after passing I relaxed back to just below their pace, and again I was not moved when they came past.

The second ride was a group ride, and everyone seemed very spread out compared to what we are used to for a typical blob around the beacon, again people moved very fluidly a majority of the time. There was one spot that felt a bit weird coming out of the tunnel, the group was already very wide and the rear of the group punched forward and it was determined to keep all riders on our side of the road and while I didn’t grab evidence of it, that one moment wasn’t smooth.

I can’t wait to see what this does to a race, and I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I can tell it is different, and it definately looks better!

Any reports on races yet?

I did a free ride this morning on London and while there weren’t a ton of other riders around, I could definitely see a difference. There were a few cases where I was catching up to another rider and my gut was telling me I was going to get stuck on the back of them but it was always a smooth pass. Had another few minutes where I was riding around the same pace as someone on a TT bike. If I was a little behind them (Close the gap!) I just very slowly approached from behind and did lock onto them for a second or two but then without any extra effort on my part my avatar moved to the side and started to pass. I got up beside them but since I was now out of the draft I ended up dropping back a bit - basically exactly what I would expect to happen!

Great stuff and I look forward to seeing it perform in bigger groups/races.

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