Pacing with rider doing workout - Annoying?

Today when I started my ride in Fuego Flats, I got was drafting a rider on a workout.
His workout was very steady paced and he was riding at 1.6 w/kg. My desired power was around 1.3 w/kg. At this pace, the draft enable me to tuck in behind and ride with him. Occasionally he would drop to 1.3w/kg and fall behind or beside me. I followed for about 15-20 minutes.
I was wondering if this was annoying to him on a workout, so I sent up a message telling him I’d back off if it was, but no response. He ended his workout shortly after.
I don’t do workouts, so I have no idea if this is annoying or not?



That’s a personal thing. I don’t care if someone draft me. I know that some don’t like it but I think they will tell you if it bother them.

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If someone is annoyed by other riders around them they always have the option of a private meet-up (which despite the name need not include another rider). It certainly doesn’t bother me.

Ya, that would annoy me.

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Hard to see why anyone would care. I prefer to have people around to help keep me motivated,


I actually get quite a giggle at some people’s behaviour whilst I’m doing a workout. It’s like they don’t realise it and either try to dice you or return the draft favour by coming past and sitting in front of you, which… helps nothing!

@ScottMN - also note that some on-screen options are not available when doing a workout. So he might not have been able to reply, since I think that is only available if you also run Companion.

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i don’t pay attention. i can’t imagine why it would bother anyone on a virtual ride

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If the workout was anything like some of the academy ones I’m too busy trying to breathe to notice anyone drafting me.


Thanks for the opinions! Looks like some don’t mind, but some do.
I was thinking that it would be no big deal if I was behind the whole time, but when his workout had him back off a bit, that’s when I started to feel in the way. Our speeds were were so close that we overlapped at times.
His workout had him in the gray zone, so he was just cruising along and I was working hard and happy for the draft!
@Christo_Bekker I didn’t realize that he might not be able to message me. Knowing that, I’ll stay out of the way from now on.

Imo the point of zwift is riding near others. They can’t crash you or cause any problems so I’d say just ride how you want and don’t worry about it. Being Fuego flats, the second you get away from the guy 8 more zwifters will be surrounding him anyway


No cares here (and quite like it when a few people get together and form a good group on a ride) except when people cant draft properly and the current Pack Dynamics has us starting to weave all over the place - when using a 55in/4k tv in 4k that’s inches away from my face its quite a different (poor) experience compared to a small PC screen that really does my head in. But if/when that happens I just turn/power off - no biggie.