Pacer Bernie on Turf n Surf

I was riding with Bernie on TnS today, 09 Feb and noticed that the lap marker stayed at the full/completed position and did not reset to start after crossing the line .
Also the marker for getting to far ahead was only set at 14 meters and on downhills it was easy to get too far ahead n reset your drops back to 0. Can it be reset to 25 - 30 meters ahead pse.

Can confirm: rode with Bernie the other day on Makuri and the pacing seemed off. Was whipsawing back and forth (particularly on hills) and also getting the same warning to rejoin partner/let partner catch up.

Running the latest version of Zwift on an AppleTV4k (2022), device also running latest TVOS. App gets terminated after use, device occasionally restarted. BLE connection to a NEO2T. No changes in the environment - same sensors etc.

Had the same issues yesterday with Miguel on Big Foot Hills. I got slightly too far in front (about 10m) so slowed and quickly stopped pedalling. Miguel dropped to 35m behind and then drop multiplier reverted to x1.0. He eventually caught up and we continued for another 60km until I scored the route badge and earned a massive amount of drops. Was tricky staying within 10 metres of him though in either direction.