Pacepartner Brevet faster than Anquetil ?!

I was riding with pace partner Brevet on Tempus Fugit earlier today and noticed that we were riding faster than pace partner Anquetil. The group of Brevet catched up with the Anquetil group twice. How is this possible?

on flats, with a group, brevet can travel faster. he weighs more than her, and a group adds more draft effect. (she’s rarely got more than 5 or 6 riders with her)

on a hill, she’ll destroy him. she goes at like 4.8, and he’s only 3.8.

i’ve ridden with both on flats, and my effort is very similar for both. on hills, though, she annihilates me.

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Pace partner speed is also heavily affected by group size (ie drafting - which the bots also do). A number of times recently I have ridden an hour with Bowie on Tempus @ 3.3w/kg & averaged 40km/hr - the group has been small. Coco often averages that @ 2.5w/kg with her huge groups.