Pace Partners Weekly Update // August 1st

Thank you for increasing the number of bots! Thank you for dynamic pacing (as a light rider without it, with the 75 kg bots, I have to work harder down the hills than up). Very sorry to see Charlie didn’t make it! I did my best to up his stats but what with old home screen (so limited Makuri days), summer, etc, etc, I obviously didn’t do enough. Enjoy your ride in Wales (I have fond memories).

i ride with eddy and a few others are usually there.

I’m very disappointed that the settled partners won’t have anyone below 1.2. On a good day I can hang with dorothy for a short time but eddy’s pace is much more suitable

so many zwift things don’t really work for weaker riders. a slow pace partner was very welcome. taking away a 1.0 pace partner is not just taking away 1 PP. For people like me it may be taking away all PPs.

Just rode with Charlie Chaser on “Suki’s Playground”.

Is this PP’s aim pace still 3 W/kg, 225 W?

Yep, should be.

Here are my wishes (albeit probably way too late):

  1. It it easy to get too far ahead on climbs (especially when there are no lower gears and I have to stand to get up the hill). But when we slow, the bots go racing by and we have to sprint to not be dropped. It would be nice if when we got to far ahead, as long as we kept under a given WPK, it wouldn’t drop us from the ride.
  2. It would be nice to have a “power up” type option to get back in the group if our trainer cuts out for a second and we drop off the back. Otherwise it’s often too hard to catch up.
  3. If I am riding and join a bot, give me an option to stay with the bot rather than continue my original route (“Stay with Cadence? yes/no”).
  4. It would be nice to be able to ride with a bot up Alp De Zwift
  5. It would be nice to have an option to always show details about the bot we are riding with (so they “stick” to the bottom/top of the rider list). This way, if they increase or decrease WPK, we can too.

Some of these may have been suggested before and it’s clearly way to late for them to be part of the initial release, but I thought I would throw them out anyway.

Thanks for the bots - they make it more fun to push and grow!


We’ve tried to mitigate this with dynamic pacing where they go a bit harder uphill. I’ve tried to balance it so it suits most people but unfortunately some people go harder up hills than others.

Interesting idea but probably too much dev work associated with that at this stage.

Good thought. I’ll take this to the team incase it’s not something we already have on our list, I know we have very similar.

Unfortunately it has to be a loop but we did run a series of events led by a PP up ADZ. I’m sure we’ll do more of these in the future.

We’re going to show average speed, w/kg and how many are riding with them.

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Unless I’m imagining things, this already exists. I forget the exact wording, but when you join a bot and an intersection approaches, there is a bot option.

You may see it, but I don’t. But since you have mentioned it, I will do a bot ride tonight or tomorrow and look for it. I am usually working hard to stay with the bot and forget to look at the first intersection… since I usually don’t need to… :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I didn’t expect any to get on the list given this late a notice, so appreciate what you have tried to do and your comments.

My problem with the hills is that my lowest gear requires me to stand just to get up the 10%+ hills - and that then puts me ahead. But it’s hard since speeding them up too much would put those with better gearing at a disadvantage.

Maybe a future version might have an option to “guide” me back into the blob with the bot - sort of like rider assist when we start… Then they might not zoom by me… :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I do love riding with the bots.

Have you tried adjusting Trainer Difficulty? A 50% TD setting will turn that 10% incline to 5% for example. You will still have to put the watts out, but at least be in a more manageable gear.

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Actually with TD, you can probably turn down to 0% and get up a 10% hill with 50 watts. Unlike reality, you can stay upright on your bike at 1 mph in Watopia :slight_smile:

Great work on this @James_Zwift. Thanks for all your efforts and your excellent communication.

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As per comments above - you might want to look at changing your Trainer Difficulty to something in the region of 25% to minimise the impact that gradient has.


Actually, I have mine set on 100% - otherwise, I don’t get as much benefit. I want the Zwift experience to be as close to real life as possible.

There is no easy solution (other than to not penalize us for getting too far ahead on steeper climbs (maybe having an auto regroup at the top?)

For now, I can live with how it works.

Thanks again!

Thanks for all the hard work and engagement with the community @James_Zwift!

You can’t please all the people all the time but I think you’ve settled on a good mix of partners for the vast majority of Zwifters. I’ll be happily riding with them again when weather’s too blustery for outdoor rides.

Ride on, look forward to seeing what’s next in FutureWorks.

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Is this a scheduled change?

Where can we now get advanced info. of which PP will be in which world and on which route?


OP of this topic has the details.
In the long term, I’ve no idea where that info will be retained but the routes change weekly and sequentially through the same 8 routes.