Pace partners going to bed is STUPID ON ROIDS!

For the second time, I logged in to do a pace partner ride. I wanted to do about an hour or more for an easy workout with other Zwifters at the set pace.

Way before I had gotten my exercise done, the stupid robot announces it is “going to bed” or something stupid like that and then it vanished.

Am I missing something, or is that not the most stupid thing in Zwift at the moment.

The pace partner is just a line of code running.

Our whole group (there were maybe 20 to 30 of us) riding with the pace partner got dumped and then everyone split up.

This is incredibly annoying and defeats the purpose. It is even more stupid because someone who starts when the pace partner starts can ride hundrends and hundreds of km, but someone by chance joining late my get dumped after 10 km.

Please fix this ASAP.

Nothing to fix. Zwift did announce they won’t be running them 24/7…

Search the announcement…

I’m the opposite, i wish you could hide them or turn them off, i end up getting stuck in a huge group of riders, if i see them up ahead i usually do a u turn to avoid them!