Pace Partner Update {Sep1 2022]

woo hoo! sept update moved “recently used” bots over to the left. close enough for now!

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Could you simply append their average W/Kg and Racing Category to the end of their names?
Miguel 1.8 (D)
Coco 2.6 (C)


Constance is will be the biggest challenge space-wise, obviously.

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Is there anywhere to see the pace partners and routes/worlds listed on any given day without having to open up the Zwift app?

Week I starts tomorrow.

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Thanks James, I will create my own chart for this from yours.

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What is the order of the weeks of the chart? It doesn’t appear to be the consecutive order of the columns from left to right since we started with Week A on 9/5.

They go from week to week left to right unless I’ve missed something.

If that were true and the rotation started with Week A on 9/5 then shouldn’t we be on Week D now? Yet when I just checked it appears that we’re on Week G. So it doesn’t appear reality is following your chart (or your comment about Week I).

I’m not trying to call any fault - just trying to understand the schedule so I can schedule my rides.

Yep, you’re right, we’re on Week G.

I’ll check it again next week and see if there’s something funky going on with the scheduling, which should be automated.

What font did you use when you were setting the scheduler? Do the “G” and “D” look similar? :joy:

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I’m just very blind Lin.