Pace Partner Progression - Too Tough from A to B vs others

Hi, I am bringing up an issue with Zwift Pace Partners; the progression from A (1.5w/kg) to B (2.5w/kg) is approx. twice that of B to C (3.3w/kg) and C to D (4.2w/kg). Hence Zwift is missing a 2.0w/kg Pace Partner.
Current Progression:
A to B 67% increase
B to C 32% increase
C to D 27% increase

Suggestion = add a 2.0w/kg Pace Partner to have A to new next level (A2) of 33%, new next level (A2) to B becomes 33% vs. 67%.

I bring this up as I am too fast for A and too slow for B long rides - I suspect that enough Zwift subscribers will be in the same situation as me and value the improvement. While this is being contemplated by Zwift, I will focus on eating less and training more!. Cheers, Rob

There is a very long thread about Pace Partners.

Short version - we know and will make changes over the Summer.


Not wishing to be pedantic, but just so communication’s clear, you’ve got them in inverted order: D is slowest, A is fastest.
Ride On.

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