Pace partner - navigate to, attach to

After some time in world (warming up or just getting bored, changing my mind, etc), I’d like to be able to auto navigate to a place partner then join them without starting a new ride.

LIke the idea , and in particular the attach option as quite often I will catch a bot group and decide I want to ride with it . All well and good until you reach a junction where the bot might go one way and you go another depending on which “route” you have logged in as . “Should” be very trivial to assign you the bots current route when you “choose” to attach.

Voted for this Two problems however . Firstly , Zwift have notified (in the forum) that they dont actually have any process or resource looking at this forum either from a support or a user voice perspective so wont really pick up on this. This is confused as there support quite often direct us to the forum and it is the ONLY place we can input features . Not sure what to suggest as alternativeon that basis. Secondly even if they do , even small feature changes like this are seldom implemented because Zwift are more interested in investing in marketing activities and creating a hardware platform so currently are not really implimenting any change to there user platform in a way that things like this will ever see the light of day .

Great Feature request though , who knows might get lucky and if there is anyone working in Zwift product team who stumbles across the forum it might trigger some change.

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We are all alone here… :sob:

Boo to Zwift for abandoning us. What’s next? Closing the forums?