Pace Partner home screen list UI

Scrolling through the pace partners to find which one I want to ride with is annoying and only today when there isn’t a duplicate of each did I realize why (because today it was quick and easy and I could see all of what I wanted on the same screen).

The list shows, first, the most recent pace partner you rode with. It then starts listing them in increasing wkg starting with the weakest D bot. Let’s say I mostly prefer to ride with Yumi and Jacques…I have to look at the first option (route, group size), scroll through all 8 D bots and both Cocos (so even on an ultrawide monitor set to small tile sizes this is off the screen), and then get to 3/4 of my options, and compare them and remember which the first one listed way.

Can you re-sort the pace partners, either user configurable, or to be in line with recent or frequent rides? In my case for example I’d like to see both Yumis and both Jacques listed first, and then the Cocos and Genies, finally the A bot, and then never any of the Ds.

We have plans to improve the Robo Pacer UI but with no set time scales currently.

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