Own lap record

(Jean-Luc DI MARIA) #1

Possibility to record my own lap with a short cut key.

For example : I want to recor 5’ fast, 3’ slow, 5’ fast, etc. etc…


(Paul Allen) #2

Couldn’t you create a workout that does that?

(Jean-Luc DI MARIA) #3

When I ride on my bike, I can push the “lap” button when I want…  Each lap are recorded and I can analyze them on strava or Garmin connect.

I want to do the same thing on zwift.

Here a strava PMA workout  2X(5X(30"30")) :



(Paul Allen) #4

Zwift does not have that button, so I decided to give you a work around for now. Or you could use your Garmin Bike computer in-conjunction with Zwift and use the lap button on it.

(Jean-Luc DI MARIA) #5

That’s what I do… But I have 2 rides on Strava… The Zwift one and the Garmin one.

(Paul Allen) #6

I have done that to, but I delete the Garmin ride because I can view it in Garmin Connect and I use Strava for my totals and I don’t want the numbers to be off because I have 2 of the same rides.

Zwift is fairly new so who knows what will come in the future.

I still think a custom workout would help your issue.