Overview of multiple sign up for ToW-events

Hi! As a newbie to Tour of Watopia I’ve been thinking about a feature that would be really helpful for me.
It’s great to be able to sign up for several stages at once, especially if you have to plan carefully to find the time to ride all stages.
But it would be great if the companioin app had some easy way to get an overview of which dates/times I have signed up to ride the different stages. (My memory is not always the best and when you sign up for rides that is several weeks apart it can be hard to remember which day to ride.)
Now I can only get a reminder of the first one, but not the others. Some sort of list or calendar would be helpful to get an overview when you have multiple sign ups. Or maybe an e-mail with all the bookings for the stages?

Hi Johanna.

If you swipe left on the home screen under events it will shoe your next event.



Hi Gerrie!
Thanks for the tip. But does that work with multiple events? Like if I signed up for 3 ToW-stages at once? Can I see all three then?

If you are using the iOS companion app, and have your calendar synchronised to the device, you can have the app add each event you schedule into your calendar.

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Yes just keep swiping, you will see then one by one.


A new world opens. :wink: Problem solved.

Thanks Gerrie!

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