Overlay planned workout in SIM mode

(Aziel Epilepsia) #1

Since I can’t use my Kickr Climb in ERG mode, I want to be able to do planned workouts in SIM mode.

Can you have SIM mode overlay workout targets on the bottom, and I do my best to try to hit them?

I think this is a much more achievable option for us with the Kickr Climb to enjoy graphical feedback for workout targets, even without ERG mode doing resistance changes for us.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hmm that’s a pretty cool idea! Also this article has a slight workaround to using your Kickr Climb in ERG mode which you may want to try: https://www.smartbiketrainers.com/wahoo-kickr-climb-in-depth-review-5492

(Aziel Epilepsia) #3

Thanks for the comment. I understand Zwift was written before the Climb was planned or announced. It sucks though that power and perceived gradient were coupled in the Zwift design.


Hopefully they’ll fix this in the near future. 

Touching a button on the app to move between ERG and Slope is a workaround, not really a customer-friendly feature.